Pregnancy Test Accuracy

Getting an early diagnosis of pregnancy is necessary for medical or social reasons. There are a lot of options that are available for taking a pregnancy test, and some of them include the use of a home pregnancy test kit and going to see your physician, family planning health center or a chemist where a pharmacist might conduct the test. A pregnancy test detects the presence of the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone in the urine or the blood. The hormone is secreted by the female body when a fertilized ovum gets attached to the uterus. To ensure the information that you have read about most sensitive pregnancy test is very important, follow the link.

The most popular way of testing for pregnancy is the use of a home pregnancy kit. In a majority of the women, HCG is released approximately week or less following conception, and the levels of HCH increase every day of the pregnancy. On average, the levels double after every two days. A home kit for the pregnancy test is capable of detecting pregnancy approximately one week after you miss your period. 

Pregnancy tests can be somewhat misleading more so if the kits promise to give accurate results and you take the test the first day you miss your period. Based on a study done at The University of New Mexico, the accuracy claims of very early pregnancy tests are deceptive. This is because there is a high degree or variation in the amount of HCG which is present in urine following the implantation. The researchers noted that a majority of the tests do not have enough sensitivity for the detection of the hormone in urine on the first day or even the second one after the woman misses her period. Get attached to us now and learn some lesson about the most fertile days.

It is, therefore, appropriate to wait for at least one seven days after you miss your period before you conduct a pregnancy test. That means that you need to wait as long as you can before taking a pregnancy test at home. 

Results of a test might be hard or simple depending on the design of the test kit. It is easy to interpret the results if you use a test kit which has a sufficient contrast between the symbol or line and the background. There are those test brands which indicate that it is possible for an evaporation line to appear if you leave the test kit to stay beyond a given timeframe. The line can make it difficult for you to interpret the results accurately. Seek more info about pregnancy test